Launch of ver2.0 of EMARF, the Platform for Producing Made-to-Order Furniture On-Demand Development of a System to Freely Post and Produce Variable Designs


Launch of ver2.0 of EMARF, the Platform for Producing Made-to-Order Furniture On-Demand Development of a System to Freely Post and Produce Variable Designs


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VUILD Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki, Kanagawa; President Koki Akiyoshi; hereinafter “our company”) will begin providing “EMARF 2.0” today.

“EMARF,” the platform for ordering custom furniture that launched in April 11, 2019, has been operated as a service that allows users to choose from preconfigured design templates and adjust the dimensions to suit their rooms and bodies in order to produce original furniture even if they don’t have specialist knowledge.

With “EMARF 2.0,” which we have just started providing, we have added a feature to freely post variable design templates for designers involved in manufacturing. By using this post feature, it is possible to share your own creations with the over 10,000 studios with ShopBots around the world.

Starting with this update, our company will strive to achieve the objective of “making every single person a designer.”


■Content of the “EMARF 2.0” Update

Through this renewal, we have carried out development to make it easier to disseminate the designers’ works.

● It is easy to create extracted data on ShopBot for original designs

By uploading data created on the 3D modeling tool “Grasshopper” to “EMARF 2.0” and converting it, it is now possible to automatically generate code that can be extracted on ShopBot(1) without using CAM software. Of course, parametric size adjustment is still possible as in the past. Because there are several existing designs(2), you can try out operations and generation of extracted code within the range of the designated license(3).

*Please download the “EMARF” specific plugin for Grasshopper that our company developed.

Food4Rhino download URL for the Grasshopper plugin:

Reference video for creating designs using the plugin:

Image: Screen for operations on Grasshopper using the EMARF plugin By using the EMARF specific plugin, you can design original templates.

Image: Screen for operations after uploading the GHX You can customize the uploaded design using this screen. By sharing the GHX file with others, they can also customize it.

Image: Screen for operations after generating the extracted code Extracted code for ShopBot can be generated using this screen. The extracted code can be recalculated based on the size of the materials.

(1)ShopBot is a 3D wood processing machine from the United States that is made for small studios and individual makers. Since being established in 1996, nearly 10,000 units are in use around the world, and it is becoming a common global language for wood processing.

(2)Only stools will be provided at launch.

(3) The applicable license is the Attribition-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons License.


■There are more partners with ShopBot that are connected to “EMARF”

At our company, we are also involved in community building and sales representation for ShopBot, as we have introduced 45 ShopBots to studios and educational institutions across Japan. “EMARF” had been connected to 4 locations in Japan, but by expanding the number of connected studios to 21 for “EMARF2.0,” which we have started to provide, we will strive to create an environment where it is easier to access ShopBot.

Through this update, we are continuing to seek partners we can collaborate with.

Haruki, Inc. / Mori, Kayabe, Hokkaido / info[at]

Living Anywhere Garage / Minamifurano, Hokkaido / emarf_info[at]

Buton Plus / Urahoro, Hokkaido

Otomo Lumber Co., Ltd. / Hanamaki Iwate /

Minamisanriku YES Factory / Minamisanriku, Miyagi / 0226-46-5153

DIY STUDIO Sendai / Sendai, Miyagi / diy-studio[at]

KILTA Kasukabe / Kasukabe, Saitama / 048-753-1703

Shikaku Furniture Works / Katsuura, Chiba / info[at]

LIFULL Fab / Chiyoda, Tokyo / lifull-fab[at]

Endo Lumber / Shinjuku Tokyo / shinjyuku[at]

TechShopTokyo / Minato, Tokyo /[at]

VUILD Co., Ltd. / Kawasaki, Kanagawa

Kosuge Tsukuruza / Kitatsuru, Yamanashi / kosuge.tsukuruza[at]

DIY & FAB GIFT (Operated by Mitaki Space Factory) / Toyokawa, Aichi / mitaki0066[at]

9 Design (Inside KLASI COLLEGE) / Minato, Osaka / info[at]

SSca / Akitakata, Hiroshima /[at]

UCHI & CO. (Takeda Forestry, Inc.) / Uchiko, Kita, Ehime / info[at]

Baum, LLC. / Nagaoka, Kochi / info[at]

Moku-ichi Taiyo Mokuzai Ichiba, K.K. / Takamatsu, Kagawa / info[at]

Fablab Dazaifu / Dazaifu, Fukuoka /

Fablab Aso Minamioguni / Minamioguni, Kumamoto / info[at]

*Please change the [at] in the email addresses to @ before using them.

■Future development objectives: Further deployment by designers. Services that are easier for customers to use.

By upgrading to “EMARF2.0” and making ShopBot easier to access, “EMARF,” which started as a service that opens up manufacturing to everybody, aims to provide designers with opportunities to deliver their works to more people.

We are diligently developing the following features to make more people designers and allowing them to turn the ideas in their thoughts into objects right away.

● Providing a feature that automatically analyzes the structure and provide feedback for reinforcement

● Providing a sketch input feature that allows customers to make intuitive designs

● Providing access to ShopBots, of which there are over 10,000 units around the world

● Supporting EMARF templates for designers who cannot use Grasshopper


[About VUILD Co., Ltd.]

Company Name: VUILD Co., Ltd.

President: Representative Director Koki Akiyoshi

Location: 3-4 Nisshincho, Kawasaki, Kanagawa unico1F-A

Founded: November 21, 2017

Capital: ¥55,000,000

Business Content: (1) ShopBot sales, (2) Operation of “EMARF,” the online application, (3) Spreading digital architecture technology to regions through design to achieve “lively life” in which people can create furniture and buildings necessary for life whenever wherever using materials that are presently available.

Corporate Site:

ShopBot Sales Site: