Toward a society that revolves around “living” and “building”.


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Toward a society that revolves around “living” and “building”.

We envision a vibrant lifestyle for everyone, where the virtuous cycle of creating for life and living to create is empowered and sustained.

We make it easy for everyone to be able to construct their ideal environment using resources at hand. We believe this will lead to a sustainable and prosperous society.

Our thoughts

The driving force behind our practice is our unshaken philosophy. The adventure of the ship "company" begins when we come together under the banner of our common philosophy, with companions who resonate with us. Why do we gather, what are our goals, and where are we standing now? By opening up ourselves to the question of our past, future, and present, we extend the possibilities to find great talents with a common ground.

Thinking Thinking
What We Can Do Together

Our goal, having five different enterprises is to build collaborative partnerships among different disciplines. We aim to present not only an exciting future, but also to bring promising changes through each department’s methodologies. We invite you to join our team to work together towards building a better future.

Projects Projects

Nothing can be accomplished without collaborators. Therefore we continue to recruit new talents as the company grows. Our doors are always open. We invite you to join us on an adventure to realize a world that has yet to be seen.

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Toward a society that revolves around “living” and “building”.
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