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Privacy Policy (c) 2023 VUILD Inc.


We treat personal information as follows

Privacy Policy

VUILD Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "VUILD") promotes the protection of personal information by establishing the following privacy policy, building a management system to protect personal information, and ensuring that all employees recognize the importance of protecting personal information and take appropriate measures.

1.Basic policy

VUILD Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "VUILD") complies with the laws regarding the protection of personal information and manages personal information appropriately in accordance with this Privacy Policy when handling information related to users of VUILD’s services (hereinafter referred to as "our services"), visitors to our websites, applicants for employment with VUILD, and other individuals. In addition to this Privacy Policy, we may establish a separate privacy policy regarding the handling of information about users of our services. In the event of any inconsistency between this Privacy Policy and the privacy policy of each service, the privacy policy of the relevant service shall take precedence. Unless otherwise specified in this Privacy Policy, the definitions of terms used herein shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.

2. Acquisition of Personal Information

We collect personal information of users of our services, visitors to our websites, applicants for employment with us, and other individuals (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Users, etc.") in a lawful and proper manner. We will acquire and handle personal information from users, etc. to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use described in the following paragraph.

3. Purpose of Use

We will use personal information to the extent necessary for the following purposes

  • To provide our services
  • To bill for the use of our services
  • To provide information regarding our services
  • To respond to the customer’s inquiries.
  • To distribute the newsletter
  • To respond to any violation of our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Guidelines, etc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") regarding the use of our services.
  • To notify the user of changes to the Terms and Conditions.
  • To create statistical information and data related to our services in a format that does not identify individuals
  • To improve our services or develop new services by analyzing the input information or usage status, etc. of users of our services (including their directors and employees, etc.) To improve our services or develop new services (including learning to develop artificial intelligence developed by us) by analyzing input information or usage conditions, etc. of the users of our services (including their directors, officers, employees, etc.)
  • To select applicants for employment, to contact applicants for employment, and for other matters related to recruitment activities
  • For other purposes reasonably deemed to be related to the above purposes of use
4. Use of Cookies, etc.
  • Overview of Cookies
    The sites that we operate (hereinafter referred to as "our sites") use cookies and other similar technologies for tracking and analysis (hereinafter collectively referred to as "cookies") in order to provide more appropriate services to our users. Cookies are arbitrary text files that are stored on user’s computer.
    Cookies are small files containing arbitrary characters that are exchanged between the web server and the user's Internet browsing software (browser) and stored on the user's terminal when the user visits a website. By using this information, the Company may obtain non-personally identifiable attribute information, such as the user's browsing history, service usage history, and location information. If the users reject the use of cookies or delete cookies, he/she may be limited in the functions you can use on the website.
  • About Google Analytics
    Our services and website use Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, Inc. When you use our services or our site, the following information will be collected by Google, and Google will use the collected information to analyze your browsing trends and history. By receiving the results of this analysis from Google, we will be able to better understand how our users use our services.
    (i) Information on systems, devices, networks, and communications typically used for Internet communications
    (ii) location information (as used by location-based services, e.g. GPS position)
    (iii) Data on behavior on the site/app
    (iv) Data on viewed pages
    (v) User identifier (cookie, device identifier, etc.)

For more information on Google's use of data in Google Analytics, please refer to the company's website. GOOGLE's Use of Information Collected from Sites and Apps that Use GOOGLE's Services." 5. Matters Concerning Safety Control Measures

We will take necessary and appropriate security control measures for the management of personal data, including the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage. In addition, we will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over our employees and contractors (including subcontractors, etc.) who handle personal data.

6. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

We will not provide the personal data of users, etc. to any third party (excluding contractors), except with the prior consent of the user, etc. or as permitted by law.

7. Revision of Privacy Policy, etc.

The Company may review the contents of this Privacy Policy from time to time and make changes as necessary. In such cases, the changes shall take effect from the date of publication of the revised version.

8. Request for Disclosure of Personal Data

When we receive a request for disclosure, correction, etc., or discontinuance of use of personal data, we will respond to the request in accordance with the law after confirming the identity of the person making the request through prescribed procedures. If you wish to make such a request, please contact us using the contact information in the next section.

9. Contact for Inquiries and Complaints regarding Personal Information

Please direct any comments, questions, complaints, or other inquiries regarding the handling of personal information to the following contact point.

10. Name, address and name of representative of the business handling personal information

Name: VUILD Corporation
Address: unico1F-A, 3-4 Nisshinmachi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Representative: Koki Akiyoshi

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