Toward a society that revolves around “living” and “building”.


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Why do we gather, where will we go, and where are we now?

Our thoughts
Toward a society that revolves around “living” and “building”

We envision a vibrant lifestyle for everyone, where the virtuous cycle of creating to live and living to create is encouraged and sustained. By making it easy for everyone to be able to construct the ideal environment using the resources at hand, we believe that it will lead to a sustainable and prosperous society.

Unleashing People's Creativity

When ideas are materialized, one feels happiness and attains freedom. Our purpose is to empower people through the potential of design and technology by providing platforms and tools that enable everyone to experience such joy.

Mission 2027
Creating a Companion to Create

‘With the latest technology, everyone can build a house or furniture if they want to.’ In the past five years, we have been able to introduce such new values. The next five years will be a phase of propagating this value and making it commonplace. In order to achieve this, we believe it is necessary to make allies and increase the number of facilitators who support the general public's fabrication activities. As an incubator supporting such a new movement, we will build a ‘fabrication ecosystem’ with a group of 10,000 design accompanists and 100 partner companies by 2027.

Core Value

The relationship between the three values: first do it by yourself (autonomy), then deepen it (decentralization), and then share it (collaboration). Then, based on the insights gained from this process, try again. This cycle must be repeated over and over again. To achieve this, we want people to be open, persistent, and flexible, while creating, exploring, and collaborating.


Move your hands before your mouth. Feel with your body and speak with your mind. Avoid thinking in pieces and grasp the big picture. Follow your intuition and truly enjoy yourself.


Aim for better and never give up. Explore ways to move forward before thinking of excuses. Welcome failure and learn from it. Dig deep and think things through.


Listen to each other and support each other. Draw out and enhance each other's abilities. Care for and appreciate one another. Celebrate and share with one another.

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